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Handicap Information

Heron Ridge Golf Club Handicap Committee

  • Michael Daschbach – Chairman
  • Scott Taylor
  • Steve Kipphorn
  • James Wray
  • Rick Russell

2017 USGA Handicap Guidelines

“Handicap Index is a measure of a player’s potential ability on a course of standard playing difficulty. A course handicap is a number of handicap strokes a player receives from a particular set of tees at the course being played.”

    1. Players must play & abide by the USGA Rules of Golf.
    2. Players must post in accordance w the USGA guidelines & shall “adjust” scores accordingly:
Course HandicapMaximum Number On Any Hole
9 or fewer Double Bogey
10 through 19 7
20 through 29 8
30 through 39 9
40 or more 10
  1. Players must post all home, away & tournament scores. Away scores may be posted through the system under “Other” courses, or if not listed, by entering the slope & course rating of the course played. Tournament scores are defined as scores made in competition organized and conducted by a committee. A winner must be identified based on stipulated rounds under USGA Rules. Routine events such as play days, blitzes, etc are not tournament rounds.
  2. Unfinished & 9 Hole Scores: A player who starts but does not complete a hole must record the “most likely score” for handicap purposes (ESC still applies). If a hole is not played, a player must record the score equal to par + any handicap strokes a player would receive on that hole. 9 hole scores may be posted or combined with another 9 hole score if played at a later date. A player must post an 18 hole score if at least 13 holes are played and a 9 hole score if 7-12 holes are played.
  3. NEW UPDATES when posting under Section 5-1e Unacceptable Scores
    1. When a player uses non-conforming clubs, non-conforming balls, or non-conforming tees; or when a player incurs a second breach of Rule 14-3. (NEW)
    2. When a player plays alone; (NEW)
    3. When a player ignores one or more Rules of Golf and fails to post an adjusted hole score as required under Section 4-1 and 4-2, or fails to record the appropriate penalty for a breach of rule. For example, if a player anchored the club while making a stroke during a round and did not record a penalty for doing so (See Rule 14-1b), the score would not have been played under the Rules of Golf and therefore would not be acceptable for handicap purposes. (NEW)

These are simple guidelines for posting scores.
For more information, please visit USGA Handicapping Manual